Cork Mat

Since purchasing our very first house in April Mike and I have been very busy painting, buying furniture, and trying to tame the yard. After seeing this clever bath mat on CraftyNest, I decided to give the project a try.

My first project stop was to di Vine, where my friend (who is also a very talented designer) hooked me up with a large garbage bag of wine corks. I spent a couple nights sacked out in front of a movie slicing the corks in half with a hack saw. After they were all split in half, I hand sanded the bottoms and sides to make them uniform, and placed them on a cut piece of shelf liner. Add a hot glue gun, some straightening, and viola! Bath mat.

What do you think?

P/S – Though Idaho experienced a freakishly beautiful weekend, I didn’t do my normal adventuring. This week I’ll be bringing back some images from the archives.

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