Sheep Stare

If you ever find yourself in the situation of being face to face with a band of sheep know this – if you look at a sheep it stops dead. I’m not sure what’s running through it’s head (it could be “That’s one weird looking human” or “Isn’t my wool pretty?”). Regardless they will stare at you until you give them a sign that they should be doing something else. Like moving, for example.

Have a happy weekend!

The Corral

The night before the lambs are loaded for shipping the entire band needs to be moved into a corral.  The corral has numerous compartments which are all utilized in sorting the band between lambs and ewes.

The High Life

My volunteer duty at the Galena Grinder was to sit at the very last trail junction and call out racer’s numbers to the timing booth at the finish.  This allowed the timing booth to announce the finisher’s name as they completed.  About halfway through my duty the race director, Marc, delivered me an ice cold Miller High Life.  I was understandably excited.